Glutathione injections

Glutathione injections for skin lightening is a great choice for people of all skin types. Thanks to advancements in dermatology, today, there are a variety of skin lightening treatments available for common people, including glutathione injections. These treatments help all those with dull, wrinkled, and pigmented skin and restore their lost skin tone and glow. They work by reducing the production of melanin in our bodies. Melanin is responsible for our skin’s pigmentation. The higher the melanin produced, the darker the skin gets.

Skin complexion and melanin?
Melanin is of three types: neuromelanin, eumelanin, and pheomelanin. Pheomelanin and eumelanin have vital roles to play in shaping the color of our hair, eye, and skin. Our skin gets the tan (brown complexion) from eumelanin and burns (red complexion) from pheomelanin.
Melanin protects our skin cells from harmful ultraviolet rays, thus reducing the risk of dermal degradation and folate depletion. To get a fair complexion, pheomelanin should be present in higher concentrations, while eumelanin should be present in lower concentrations. The glutathione injections helps in achieving these concentrations.

What are glutation injections?
Glutathione is an antioxidant that is naturally produced in our bodies. It is generated by our liver and has multiple responsibilities like repairing and building skin tissues, boosting immunity, slowing down the aging process, neutralizing free radicals, and acting as an anti-cancer agent. Glutathione is also known as the “mother of all antioxidants”. As we get older, the production of glutathione decreases, which in turn, accelerates the process of aging.
As you would have guessed, glutathione injections increase the level of glutathione in your body, which helps in retaining your youthful, supple, and healthy skin. Dermatologists also use glutathione injections for skin whitening due to their positive effects on the skin.

How does the Glutation injection work?
The injection is administered to your body through a vein. Your dermatologist will determine the frequency of the injection.
It is usually three times a week in the initial days and then reduced to one day a week. You can start seeing the results six
to eight weeks after the treatment.

Gltation injections vs pills?
Yes, there are glutathione pills available on the market. However, most dermatologists will recommend glutathione injections over pills as the pills are not as effective as injections. Also, the results of pills are not as long-lasting as the injection.

The pills are mainly used as boosters. They are sometimes prescribed by dermatologists to maintain the effects of the injection.

Composition of Glutation injection?
Glutathione is an antioxidant consisting of 3 amino acids glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine. These amino acids help by –
Neutralizing the lipid peroxides-breakdown in our cell membrane.
Maintaining Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
Regulating the production of hydrogen peroxide.

What are the benifits of Glutation injections?
Fights against free radicals
Shields our body from UV radiation
Helps with insulin resistance for older people
Reduces melanin pigmentation and makes your skin even-toned
Smoothens your skin
Aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Stops hyperpigmentation
Increases immunity and protects skin from common pollutants, rashes, and sunburn
Makes skin lustrous
Eliminates acne, black spots, and pimples

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I went in for a consultation for my hair thinning and very visible scalp. Dr. Juvita was able to assess it as stage 4 female pattern and suggested treatment options. Knowing that at that stage, hair regrowth is minimal - she explained everything clearly and also what is achievable vs what isn't. I've done 7 sessions of treatment so far and we're seeing thicker hair, lesser hairfall. She and her staff are really professional and everything is done quick and painless.