Acne treatments

Acne is more than just skin deep. While it may be one of the most prevalent skin conditions affecting more than 85% of the teenagers, it should not be discarded as a mere cosmetic problem. It goes beyond the layers of epidermis. Although it typically affects people in their puberty, it also distresses people who are in their 30s and 40s, because of which it poses a heavy emotional and psychological burden to the patients.

The change in the skin’s appearance may give rise to a changed body image that in turn is known to lead to anger, fear, shame, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, and bullying and stigmatisation within peer groups. This leads to a reduction in quality of life, which spirals down to many other diseases and disorders.


We, at Juvita Aesthetics know what it feels like to be living with acne, which is why we offer you not just a treatment for the condition, but a solution to the problem. Time heals everything. Including acne. But not without a proper treatment. At Juvita Aesthetics, much care has been taken to incorporate latest technology in making your skin glow again.

  1. Chemical peel
  2. Topical Treatment
  3. Laser (IPL)
  4. Intralesional Steroid Injection

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What Our Client Says

Tanisha Kannan

Came to Doc Juvita with hair fall problems a couple of months ago. Over time with her treatments my hair has improved in terms of its texture, growth and appearance. I am extremely happy with the ongoing services she’s providing for my problem. Highly recommend you to visit her clinic. She is a very sweet and approachable person.

Shreya Shetty

Dr. Juvita is the best dermatologist in bangalore.. I have visited Dr. Juvita Aesthetics for laser hair removal for full body 6 months ago. I am happy with the service. Clinic is clean and very professional. Thank you Dr. Juvita and team.. Ms. Deepika and Ms. Anuja also made me feel comfortable during the procedures.

Caroline Rebello

I visited Dr Juvita for a skin and hair related issue that I was facing for a few years. With one consultation and one dosage of medicines, I have seen credible results. Dr Juvita is especially wonderful and she also calls you back in a few days to see how you’re recovering. Would 10/10 recommend this to friends and family. Very satisfied visit.

Shilpa Dsouzal

I went in for a consultation for my hair thinning and very visible scalp. Dr. Juvita was able to assess it as stage 4 female pattern and suggested treatment options. Knowing that at that stage, hair regrowth is minimal - she explained everything clearly and also what is achievable vs what isn't. I've done 7 sessions of treatment so far and we're seeing thicker hair, lesser hairfall. She and her staff are really professional and everything is done quick and painless.