Dark circle’s treatments

Although quite common in today’s world in both men and women, once it has made its presence felt in your life, dark circles are notorious to be ridden of. Often accompanied by eye bags, dark circles can make you look older than you are.

What r dark circles (DC)?
DCs r brownish sometimes pinkish or bluish discoloration around our eyes.

How are dark circles formed?
Depending on way dark circles are formed we can divide them into 3 categories
1. Pigmented Dark Circles (There is increase in melanin production causing brownish hue around eyes.
2. Vascular Dark Circles (thinning of facial skin which results in decreased blood flow and fluid retention. In this variant the Dark Circles r pinkish or bluish or even purplish and associated with puffiness of eyes).
3. Structural Dark Circles. In this variant shadow form under the eyes due to skin laxity and loss of fat under the skin. So, the area under the eyes appear to have Dark Circles.
4. Mixed variant. Have mix of all the 3 variations I just mentioned.

What are the causes of Dark Circles?
1. Hereditary. Family history of Dark Circles or a person with Asian or African origin can have thin facial skin. So Dark Circles look more prominent.
2. Seasonal allergies or nasal congestions. (Veins that drain from eyes to nose increase in size and appear more darker).
3. In atopic dermatitis
4. Lack of sleep
5. Straining your eyes by spending more time in laptop, tv, mobile.
6. Deficiencies of Vitamin B12, D, E and K, and iron deficiency anaemia.
7. Ageing of skin there is loss of collagen and fat. So, blood vessels and hollowness below eyes become more visible. And as we grow older the distance between eyelid and cheek becomes more and the year trough areas becomes more prominent.
8. Due to ageing there can be fat prolapse with dark circles.
9. Dehydration
10.Stress and fatigue.
11.Excessive sun exposure

Any home remedies that can be tried to reduce Dark Circles?
The best to do home remedies is during your night routine. After cleansing your skin and before apply any moisturizer or serum.
1. Soak cotton pad in cold water or cold rose water and keep on eyelids for 5 to 10 minutes.
2. Cold slices of cucumber
3. Cold tea bags can help.

Can eye massages help in reducing Dark Circles?
Yes. Eye massages help in relaxing eye muscles, increasing blood circulation and also increasing lymphatic drainage.

Coming to the treatment big Dark Circles. There are so many creams in the market. What ingredients should we look for?
Ingredients you can look for r vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ferulic acid. For more deeper treatment u can look for Alpha hydroxy acids like Glycolic acid, lactic and mandilic acid. Retinoids and caffeine. And don’t forget to apply Sunscreen in eyelids.

How do we treat Dark Circles?
Finding the cause and treating them. Like defienceis and allergies.
1. Topical creams and serums.
2. AHA chemical peels.
3. Q switched laser or Pico laser.
4. Mesotherapy with peptides and skin lightening agents
5. Hyaluronic acid fillers or fat transfer for tear trough area below the eyes to correct hollowness.
6. PRP
7. Surgery to remove eyebags.

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Dr. Juvita is the best dermatologist in bangalore.. I have visited Dr. Juvita Aesthetics for laser hair removal for full body 6 months ago. I am happy with the service. Clinic is clean and very professional. Thank you Dr. Juvita and team.. Ms. Deepika and Ms. Anuja also made me feel comfortable during the procedures.

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I went in for a consultation for my hair thinning and very visible scalp. Dr. Juvita was able to assess it as stage 4 female pattern and suggested treatment options. Knowing that at that stage, hair regrowth is minimal - she explained everything clearly and also what is achievable vs what isn't. I've done 7 sessions of treatment so far and we're seeing thicker hair, lesser hairfall. She and her staff are really professional and everything is done quick and painless.