Photo facial

In the city of Bangalore, where the world is as busy as a bee, pampering your skin is the biggest headache that one faces. We undertakes this concern on a happy note and provide photo facials to treat specific skin conditions such as pigmentation, sunspots and dull skin.


Patients who suffers fron Rosacea, Acne, Hyper pigmentation and signs of Aging and Photo damage along with most other skin conditions are ideal for this treatment.


The results includes a smooth and radiant skin tone, improvement in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, removal of hyper pigmentation & brown spots, solution to oily/acne-prone skin issues and tightening of the large pores.


The process includes the boosting of the optimal collagen production, where the softening of wrinkles & lines and enhancement of the skin’s moisture levels is taken care of. The 10-minute facial massage helps in the deeper penetration of active ingredients to stimulate skin cells and to increase blood circulation.