Acne is more than just skin deep. While it may be one of the most prevalent skin conditions affecting more than 85% of the teenagers, it should not be discarded as a mere cosmetic problem. It goes beyond the layers of epidermis. Although it typically affects people in their puberty, it also distresses people who are in their 30s and 40s, because of which it poses a heavy emotional and psychological burden to the patients.

The change in the skin's appearance may give rise to a changed body image that in turn is known to lead to anger, fear, shame, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, and bullying and stigmatisation within peer groups. This leads to a reduction in quality of life, which spirals down to many other diseases and disorders


We, at Juvita Aesthetics know what it feels like to be living with acne, which is why we offer you not just a treatment for the condition, but a solution to the problem. Time heals everything. Including acne. But not without a proper treatment. At Juvita Aesthetics, much care has been taken to incorporate latest technology in making your skin glow again.